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Deb Van D | May 6, 2003 04:24 PM

Tried Peep on Prince St. on Sunday, and I had a fine time there. The servers are very nice and the food is good to very good, although that Old Devil Blandness seems to creep into Peep.

The bartender has blue hair and there is no Beefeater gin, only Tanqueray and Bombay, tsk, which always disappoints. I had crispy calamari to start, and plenty of it. It was perfectly fried and delicious, but the avocado, green onion emulsion that came with it was not very helpful, although it did have a sly, invidious heat. There were slivers of tamarind-glazed ginger on the plate that were lovely, and I couldn't help but munch on the cilantro, so refreshing. I moved on to shrimp-semolina fritters with a "hot vinegared chili." They were tasty but not ground-moving, and again the chili sauce was too subtle to be of much consequence.

I asked the server for a recommendation for something really spicy, and he mentioned the green curry, so that was it. It was delicious, gratifyingly hot, and sinful with coconut milk. Really good.

The bathrooms here are a stitch, really worth stopping in there if just for a drink and a pause to refresh. You open the door in a mirrored wall from the dining room. It turns out that it is a one-way mirror. The booth, a big booth, is basically unlit, the only is from the small, improbable, black-and-white tv perched over the sink. Lolita is on, the one with James Mason. When you are enthroned, you have the unsettling, surreal sensation that you are still in the dining room which you can see as plain as day.

Just wonder what would happen if you really got into the movie.

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