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Peculiar effect of coconut milk


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Peculiar effect of coconut milk

Howard-2 | Nov 11, 2002 05:57 PM

Yesterday I made that famous Thai soup that uses coconut milk, lime juice, hot pepper, chicken soup, and fish sauce. A while after eating it, both my spouse and I noticed an unusual effect. Because the amount of coconut milk is much greater than the lime juice or the fish sauce, I'm assuming the after-effect was due to the coconut milk; also because I've never had this aftereffect after eating other dishes containing fish sauce and lime juice.

Has anyone else ever noticed any out-of-the-ordinary effects of coconut milk? I don't want to say yet just what the effect was, because I think if I do it might influence some of the answers I get. But if the aftereffect I'm thinking of is real, then others will have noticed it. I'll post the aftereffect here in a day or two--it's nothing secret (and certainly nothing in the realm of sex or anything like that).

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