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Need help re something peculiar about cabbage


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Need help re something peculiar about cabbage

Howard-2 | Sep 8, 2004 01:03 PM

I bought some cabbage earlier today, and in picking a cabbage, I came across something odd, and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or has any knowledge of it.

The cabbages all looked fresh, green, not wilted, etc. But quite a few of the cabbages weighed much less than I thought they would weigh, judging from their size. I finally picked a smaller one, and just as I had expected, it was nice and heavy, for its size.

It was then that I noticed something else about the lighter (less-dense) ones, compared to the heavier ones: on the heavier ones, the outer leaves had a kind of sheen, whereas I noticed no such sheen on the others. These were the same kinds of cabbage, and not a mixture of "regular old cabbage" and that other green cabbage (savoy?).

Anyone have any info that might help me? Tnx.

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