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PC Fruit Explosion Fruit Punch - and a sidebar re "Blood Orange Soda"

Bigtigger | May 11, 201207:50 PM

Saw this product, unheralded as far as I know, in the soda shelves yesterday at Loblaws, and purchased a case.

Question 1: Has anyone else felt, as I do, that while the PC Fruit Explosion Fruit Punch's fruit flavour blend is pleasant, the (very lightly carbonated) drink seems almost watery, lacking the "punch" in punch? One almost has to think about the flavours as one sips it - hard to explain! It certainly stands in sharp contrast to the fruit punch I suspect many of us grew up with - the Hawaiian Juicy (or similar name) that came in big bright blue based 48 oz tins and had a robust flavour.

Which leads to -

Question 2: Why is this drink not being offered (apparently) in a Diet Version? You would think the food chemists or whatever they're dubbed these days could work their magic on this as well as they do for many other soda flavours. I ask because at 160 calories a can, as opposed to 0 in the full-flavoured Diet Coke, Diet Dr Pepper and PC's Diet Mango (along with the sadly missed PC Diet Blueberry and PC Diet Blackcurrant) I aint going to be downing this after my trial case.

Sidebar gratuitous opinion:

Whoever at Loblaws came up with the Diet "Blood Orange" pop (in the 2 l. bottles - I am not referring to the pricier Italian sodas) has never tasted a Blood Orange. Most orange sodas, diet or not, seem a confection for kids bearing zilch relation to the fruit - apologies to Crush, the treat of my 50's/60's youth. But this product has what only can be called an odd taste. Comments?

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