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Paula Deen's Bloopers-R Rated


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Paula Deen's Bloopers-R Rated

madeliner | Sep 26, 2012 09:21 PM

I figured I would throw this up here since I don't see it here yet :)

"Paula Deen’s cooking isn’t just full of butter — it’s also mighty salty!

The queen of Southern cuisine curses up a cordon bleu streak in a “blooper reel” — dropping the swear words “motherf--kers” and “shee--t” as often as she drops lard and bacon grease in her frying pan.

In another part of the video — which consists of outtakes and bloopers from her show — Deen fumbles around the kitchen to the sound of someone passing gas.

She even pretends to perform a sex act on a chocolate eclair shortly before declaring, “My ass ain’t pretty no more!” "

video at:

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