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Patterns for everyday and china dinnerware

velvetdc1 | Jun 13, 2014 11:46 AM

Hi, my head is spinning from thinking about dinnerware. I never registered for dinnerware at our wedding, so am looking now and need perspective from people with more experience than me. I have read all the CH boards related to dinnerware and have made a list of all the recommended brands, from everyday (C&B, William Sonoma, etc.) to porcelain and bone china (Apilco, Pillyvut, C&B china, Mikasa, etc.). Now I don't know what to do. I just love the look of plain white, or plain white with a small detail. Is it crazy to have two sets of all white dinnerware, one for everyday and one in china/porcelain? Or should one be different, like a pattern or color or something? If so, which one - everyday or formal?

I know someone who will be in town this weekend that has a never-used set of the C&B china (I think staccato or white pearl) that she is willing to sell to me for half the cost of new. I'm wondering if I should jump on the chance, but the above thought process is confusing me about what I want. We are young, but we do like to entertain a lot, and I do a few smaller dinners at the table and a few larger dinners buffet style throughout the year. I only imagine that growing over the years, especially as our family grows! Any thoughts on what you would do?

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