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Passover Bulkas

Joyce Goldstein | Apr 3, 200608:24 PM

My grandmother used to make something at Pesach that she called Bullkas. I know that they contained matzoh farfel, lots of eggs, salt, pepper, and fat, usually schmaltz. They were baked in these oven proof bowls with a handle about 4 inches in diameter or so. They puffed up really high and then fell in a little. They had a hardish crust on the outside. You could cut them in half and use it to make a sort of sandwich. Of course I never watched her make them closely enough. You know. The feeling that she would always be there...till she wasn't. And then no one knew how to make them.

Has anyone heard/seen of a dish like this? I've never seen anyone else make them. I'm beginning to think that she made them up. She could have. She was a phenonmenal cook. If you have any thoughts about the recipe, proportions or any other suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

A happy and kosher Pesach to everyone. Chag Sameach!

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