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Do any of you have partners who don't respect the knives?


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Do any of you have partners who don't respect the knives?

shall remain nameless | Mar 29, 2005 09:04 PM

I know I am going to sound like a lunatic but here goes:

I need to buy a new bread knife and a couple of new paring knives. The ones we have been using are (or were) of decent but not fantastic quality, which is a good thing, because my husband has absolutely no respect for them. He will use whatever knife is handiest to cut whatever he needs to cut/dice/chop/slice (with or without a cutting board) then leave the dirty knife on the wet kitchen counter. His behavior ain't gonna change. But when I invest in my new knives, I don't want to see my beautifully-balanced serrated bread knife used to chop carrots or the paring knife sawing through some piece of rib eye. Do I buy what I like and then keep it hidden in the drawer for my own use? I presume professional chefs don't let others use their tools of the trade so I'm not completely nutty... but I'm not a professional, hell I'm not even an amateur...I just like the feel of a good knife. So do I keep them hidden for my own use?

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