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Paris report - chez lami jean, septime and foodie related places

oferl | Mar 14, 201203:29 AM

Thanks to everyone who are sharing information on this board, there are many people who read
for every little piece of information, so please know your efforts are highly appriciated. Please excuse any syntax errors in advance :-)

Regarding restaurants:

CLJ was faboulus, exceptional.. Mr. Jago is charming, and i felt like my carte blanch lunch was the most important thing for him in the world, and i "fell in love" with that side of him even before first dish arrived.
I had in the 80 euro CB menu :
1) most wonderful Asparagus soup, dices vegies, bacon and fried lardo for taste, croutons etc..
2) some modern take on terin, where outside is chicken and inside is cooked vegis and canard foie gra mouse, topped with a very nice meaty gealardo oyster with some vinigerie sauce.
3) Barley rissoto with wild salmon and several cookie saint jacques, topped with parsly foam - exceptional, maybe best of them all.
4) A very generous plate of the most small and delicate frog legs i ever ate - light coating, fried shallots and a bit of balsamic, what a party it was.
5) poached fish (Marlen?) on top of lightly poached egg, in fish broth, with milk foam. As good as it sounds, a most interesting combination.
6) A piece of beef fillet, topped with the most enormous ris de veu(?) piece i every seen, coated with beef stock and between plate and meats, the most thin pieces of cooked geen apple (i think) and choriso, very interesting idea for flavouring and of course nice pot of mashed potatos to accompany.
7) A couple of pieces of Tom De Brebis, red plum confiture. Cute..
8) Chestnut mouse with dark choco mouse and merengue, good have eaten rice pouding ball size of this.. A glass with mango and citrus fruits was also nice.
9) The un questionable rice pudding which i finished almost half of it after all that food !! It is very good for the genre but a bit far from being "my type of dessert".

Maybe i forgot a dish for the start, nevermind.. for 80 Euros, a glass of not so impressing white at 8 E, most memorable 2 hours well spent there, and money well worth the saving on other "less interesting" possible meals.

The big dissappointment of the visit:

Lunch at Septime - had high expectations but the place didn't deliver. It wasnt that bad, but it was far from impressive or satisfying, and i left very hungry (late afternoon dim sum at Tricotin closed that corner) -

1) 2 chard baby leeks with broiler (ok, not impressed), 2 very tiny mussels, vinigery onion and some tiny leaves, small suspicious raised here..
2) A "too small" ball of really excellent and quite lemony jerusalem artichoke puree with very small slice of great black pudding. It was the best dish, counted as the second first course, so it was unfourtanatly small but enjoyed a lot.. Tension started to melt a bit.
3) "Fish" course - a couple of a bit undercooked CSJ oysters (maybe first su vid and then chared, nothing special to write), with some parsly foam and maybe some smal foie gra pieces, i just can't remeber. No party for the taste buds..
4) "Meat" course - the most petit piece of duck breat cut cube from some village in France (that felt exactly like the pieces i bought and cooked from the markets and come probably also from some "village in france")' surprise there were the most tiny vegis i ever seen, they tasted great but had no filling effect for the stomach.. gone like the wind..
5) Poire williams poached in red wine, vanilla fromage blanc and red fruits paste - where oh where should i start, poached pear is not a special enough desert to serve in tasting menu, in my opinion, i don't get the trend of using fromage blanc in desserts and the red fruits jam.. i think point clear, very dissappointing stuf.

55 euro for lunch tasting menu where almost 3 of 5 dishes i think, were inside the daily market lunch menu ! That was very odd for me, i paid 55 for 5 dishes with questionable sizes and close similarity to lunch menu, when i could have ordered 2 full 3 course lunch menus at 26 E per one, get cheaper and eat 6 dishes (altough twice same pear dessert that was anyway the lunch dessert of the day). Good thing that the glass of white was very fruity and refreshing at about 6 euro, glass of house red was some sicilian wine in about 8 euro or so, nice but could have skipped that one.
Felt that VFM was for me very low, but the place was packed and friends that tried to order for some nights before were let down (but happy for that after my report..), i guess everybody should probably try and make his on mind on this place.

Will continue with more "foodie" centered info later..

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