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Paratha [split from Texas]


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Paratha [split from Texas]

DallasDude | Sep 17, 2009 01:57 PM

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I love a good tortilla. I was reminded of another item from across the globe, that is quite similar to the tortilla this past weekend. The ever flavorful paratha. it is India's answer to the tortilla, and actually is far more versatile, as you can get them stuffed.

Of course you can go to most Indian restaurants and buy these delights. They are buttery, often filled with items like potatoes, paneer (the delicious fresh indian cheese similar to a queso fresco with the consistency of a firm tofu), diakon, shrimp, dal, methi (often used in Indian cuisine, the fenugreek leaves) and so much more.

I have an a fun website to aim ya towards that discusses making these, and I include a picture below. For the record, I have bought these uncooked and frozen (even just this past weekend) and to be honest I prefer the Pillsbury over all the other Indian national brands (inconsistent quality).

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