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need help with pantry moths


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need help with pantry moths

trolley | Jul 12, 2010 12:56 PM

is there a way to get rid of them with out using toxic chemicals?

we found the infestation a few nights ago. there were about gazillion moths in the pantry that seemed to have literally appeared overnight.

we systematically, took everything out and threw away all open items and all bulk items. The next day there were more moths.

so this time i threw away more stuff and took out the shelves and wiped down the sides, nooks, etc. vacuumed the insides. The next day they were back again.

this time i wiped down all the packaging for cocoons (i'm really grossed out while having to type out this part) and killed more moths.

So far i found a moth here and there but i'm afraid this isn't the end. has anyone else experienced this and have any advice? i'm so over it!! Thanks.

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