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What's in your pantry?

greedygirl | May 5, 200805:27 AM

Now, I have to confess to being somewhat of a food hoarder. I have a horror of running out of anything. Result: my cupboard's are full to overflowing and I could feed an army in an instant!

At all times I have to have:

EVOO (one for cooking, one for salads etc)
Rapeseed oil and walnut oil
Tinned tomatoes
Passata and tomato puree
Tinned beans (kidney, cannellini, borlotti, Heinz baked, chickpeas)
Sherry/balsamic/red wine/rice vinegar
Tuna in olive oil
Tinned sardines
Bottled artichokes and other antipasti
Several types of mustard and other condiments including pesto
Ketchup and brown sauce
Various types of flour including bread flour
Coconut milk
Fish sauce
Oyster sauce
Soy sauce
Basmati/jasmine rice
A zillion different types of pasta (De Cecco brand)
Ditto but with noodles
Spices (I just had to buy a large box to put the overflow in from the spice drawer)
Porridge oats
Bulgar wheat
etc etc

I really need to stop buying things on impulse and because we might have run out - we never have! But frankly I think I am beyond help.

So what's in your pantry, Chowhounds?

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