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Pan too hot for Ghee (VIDEO). Pan destroyed? How hot do stoves get?


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Pan too hot for Ghee (VIDEO). Pan destroyed? How hot do stoves get?

mike2401 | Apr 6, 2013 04:24 PM

Inspired by my previous salmon searing thread, and excited to try out the "ball of mercury" trick to determine proper pan temperature, and triumphantly returning form Whole Foods with Ghee (clarified butter), and proud that I determined its smoke point on my smart phone while at the store, and armed with Ghee's smoke point of 485 degrees:

I tried the mercury ball method:

Here's the mess that ensued . . .

In retrospect, I think I may have dropped the 1/8th tsp of water from too great a height (because I was filming and didn't want to burn myself).

Obviously, the pan was much hotter than 485 degrees.

1, Any guesses as to what temperature a gas stove will heat a stainless steel pan to on a) medium, and b) high?

2. How can I get the charred remains off my pan? I tried SOS and it barely made a dent in the mess. I have it soaking in apple cider vinegar now.

I ended up using a teflon pan on medium heat, with ghee (flesh side down first until it looked like I wanted it to, then skin side down till fully cooked. It came out pretty good, leaving me to wonder why I'm fussing with stainless steel pans and mercury methods). Oh yes, I remember now: my inner caveman wants to be as Paleo as possible and minimize exposure to non-stick cooking wherever possible.

Any and all feedback is totally welcome (even if you think I'm a nut for wanting to avoid the non-stick cooking surfaces :-)


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