What to ask for from Pampered Chef?


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What to ask for from Pampered Chef?

Katie Nell | Aug 21, 2006 06:42 PM

Okay, I know not everyone is crazy about Pampered Chef, but I think they can be fun parties and I like some of their gadgets, and well, I always *need* gadgets! ;-) Anyway, on Saturday, we threw a Pampered Chef wedding shower for one of my friends because that's what she wanted (I like it because everyone brings a recipe, which I think is special.) She needs $68 to be bumped up to the next level to get more free stuff, and her mom wants to buy me and my fiance a wedding present, and knock out two birds with one stone! The problem is, is there's not much else I want from there... I have their garlic press, which is the best garlic press I've used, a Chillzanne bowl, citrus press, ice cream scoop, can opener, and I think that's about it. I, as I'm sure all Home Cooking Chowhounds, have numerous spatulas, whisks, spoons, etc. I absolutely hate all of the stoneware! Does anyone have any recommendations of useful things I can get totaling to around the $68?

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