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Palm Springs revisted... Crazy Bones Barbecue - Long!

RWCFoodie | Feb 16, 200607:32 PM

After spending the day driving last Saturday, we just didn't feel like a "big" meal so just opted to walk over to Palm Canyon Drive for some "barbecue" at Crazy Bones. This place had been given high marks by some friends who tried it last year apparently just after it opened.

It's right in the middle of the downtown scene in a busy, high visibility block. So up the stairs we went. The hostess told us it would be about half an hour so we said we'd go to the bar. We'd no sooner gotten seated and ordered a Bass then here she came to say that our table was ready! This seemed like a good omen, but turned out to be just the opposite. She told the bartender to send our drinks to table 7 and off we went. There is seating both on an outdoor deck/patio and inside. As we'd requested the deck, that's where we were seated. So far, so good or at least that's what we thought...

We sat, and sat, and sat for what seemed like an eternity waiting for our beers. None of the tables around us had any food and there seemed to me to be a vibe of annoyance. I caught several tables kind of looking around like they were wondering when their food would arrive... In the meantime, we sat and waited with the same general feeling of unease for our drinks... After driving all day, we really wanted that Bass!

At least 20 minutes after we were seated, we still didn't have anything to drink but water. Same for the tables around us for food although I did overhear several attempts to push more alcohol...

Finally a waiter came to a table near ours and took their order. I managed to catch his attention and ask about our beers; he said he'd check. Several more minutes went by and a server brought us each a glass of Bass which was warm and flat... Apparently they had been poured and left to sit for the 25 or so minutes since we'd been seated even though there seemed to be at least half a dozen servers/bus people standing around.

Several more minutes went by and the server came back to take our order. We ordered a basket of onion strings as an app and I ordered the pulled pork sandwich ($8.99 with choice of 2 sides; I asked for potato salad and cole slaw but received mashed potatoes in error but was to hungry and tired to do anything about it) and my long-suffering husband went for the beef brisket sandwich ($10.99 with 2 sides).

At this point I have to insert this comment: the menu states that "Our 'Real' Barbeque is rubbed with our special blend of seasoning and slow smoked over pecan and almond woods in our custom smoker...which gives everything we smoke a rich mahogany crust, with a bold, fresh-smoked natural flavor..." Ah, if only this was a true statement! There was absolutely no smoke flavor in this meat. Armadillo Willy's is haute barbeque cuisine compared with this... but I digress.

Some more time went by and a server brought over 2 more Bass - he mumbled something about a mix-up. These 2 were cold and not flat so things were improving we thought.

Still, most of the tables around us didn't have their food and a glance around the deck/patio area revealed that only about 2 or 3 tables out of about 30 had food. I started to wonder if there might be a kitchen crisis going on. A table near ours finally received part of their orders. They didn't look happy but I couldn't tell what was wrong. They tried to catch the eye of a server without success so one of the fellows eventually stood up and walked over to the bar where he must have asked for the manager.

He and the manager walked back over to his table. They continued to talk quietly and all of a sudden the manager starts waving his arms around and raises his voice and practically shouts "I'm not serving you, you have to leave..."! I was totally taken aback because I didn't see or hear anything from the customer or his 3 table mates that would provoke this response. The nearby tables seemed to be looking around and raising eyebrows trying to figure out what went down... The fellow and his companions got up and left and things settled down.

The food: The onion strings were not fried crispy enough and were cold and extremely greasy and were served without the "Ranch Dressing" dip (just as well).

Our sandwiches came: They were cold and really did't have much flavor but we ate them because by then we were starved, we drank our Bass, got our check, paid and left... On the plus side, they didn't charge for the warm/flat beers.

Bottom line: If you're in Palm Springs and want over priced fast food in the middle of downtown, this is probably the place for you. Perhaps we hit it on an "off" night but it seemed to us that the place is poorly managed and the staff seemed somewhat clueless. Interestingly, it is owned by a group that has about 5 or 6 other restaurants in PS. We haven't tried any of their others and probably won't any time soon...

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