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Painful!!! Charged $100 for missing my restaurant reservation......


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Painful!!! Charged $100 for missing my restaurant reservation......

violin | Aug 12, 2010 09:15 PM

It just makes me sad.....

I don't go out often to places that require hard to get reservations. If I make a reservation for tonite, or tomorrow, or this weekend.... I keep it, or call in a timely fashion to cancel. No big deal.

I received an extremely generous gift certificate to a special restaurant in Chicago that I would never be able to afford ordinarily, but would love to go to..... Alinea. I received the gift more then one year ago, but haven't been able to use it due to busy life combined with extremely difficult to schedule reservations. They are often booked up months in advanced. Due to job and family illness, it was hard for me to plan that far ahead. But as the gift certificate was expiring (!) I made a reservation for August a few months ago - table for 1.

Well, since then I have moved, family illness prevails, and my tendency to hate my pagers/cell phones and not utilize fancy palm pilots/iPhones etc... led to a weekend of missed reminder phone calls from Alinea or beeping reminders of an important date....... So at 7pm on the night of my reservation, I realized that I was home cooking dinner for my parents and not at Alinea.

So I have been charged $100 for my missed birthday meal.

And now I just feel..... bad. So bad. It is my fault of course. Something that should have been so wonderful, and was one of the most thoughtful (generous...) gifts I have ever been given turned so bad. And has already cost me $100. And goddamn it I missed a reservation and I don't think I even want to try to plan 2-3 months ahead for another one again. I guess it's just not meant to me.

Painful. Of course I understand why they do it, and I can't blame them. But it is just too painful.

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