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Page 2 of Metropolitan Hong Kong Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM


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Page 2 of Metropolitan Hong Kong Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

aledm | Jul 15, 2010 10:33 AM

This is really funny. For the first time our posting "won't fit" on a Chow page. So this post is a continuation of the chow post at:

2. Shatin, New Territories--Continued

23.3. Chelsea Noodle House, 35 Kong Pui St. (near Yuen Chau Kok Park and the Regal Riverside Hotel; in front of a sign that says Yi Shing Square), Shatin, N. T., Hong Kong, Tel 2686-8402.We spent HK$59 for two people for breakfast.
o Ratings: Overall 8.6
o Food/Beverage: 8.6
o Ambience/Setting: 7.4
o Value: 10
o Service: 8.4

We love this place for morning dim sum. The selection is large for such a small place and if you are a Cantonese-challenged tourist, there are many bamboo steamers outside to look inside (to make choosing easier). The Regal Riverside buffet breakfast is too expensive and too huge. Chelsea Noodle is an excellent alternative and an authentic experience.

The small space is very well organized with clean lines and lots of drawers on the walls to keep things out of sight. The tables are close together but it’s not too crowded. At the end of each table is a drawer with chopsticks, toothpicks and even napkins (what an innovation). We like the shop for breakfast and it is always lively. But it is open all day and is very convenient from the Regal Riverside for an economical breakfast, lunch or dinner.

23.4. Keung Kee Chicken Congee & Seafood Restaurant, 11-16 Hong Pui St. (across from Yuen Chau Kok Park and near the Regal Riverside Hotel) Shatin, N.T., H. K. Tel. (852) 2646-0928 (open 7 a.m. to 12 midnight) We spent HK$252 for two. They serve peanuts and tea immediately which we love. We ordered one steamed fish promotion (HK$48), one bean curd (HK$58), one abalone (HK$64), one sago Pudding (HK$15) and one water chestnut pudding (HK$15). We were happy.

23.5. Simply Thai (New Town Plaza Phase 1), 18 Shatin Centre Street, 703, L7/F New Town Plaza Phase 1, Shatin, N.T., Te l: (852)23966569. We spent HK$56 per person.
o Overall 7.6
o Food/Beverage: 7.4
o Ambience/Setting: 7.2
o Value: 8.5
o Service: 7.6

Our lunch "set" for one person cost HK$52 plus service and was more than enough for the 2 of us. We started with a delicious Thai soup that had enough spice to wake us up and enough kafir lime leaves and lemongrass to make us think we were in Thailand. For our main we chose the sliced pork stir fry and it was also very good with lots of good fresh herbs. Jasmine rice and a choice of tea or coffee was included in the price. The service was very good and the space was nicely decorated. When we objected to the Western (loud) music, the volume was lowered so it wasn't a problem. We recommend this restaurant. For dessert we added the mango sorbet which we didn't think was good.
24. Sai Kung, New Territories

24.1. Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant, G/F, 51 - 55 Hoi Pong Street, Sai Kung, Tel. 2792-6938 We spent an enormous HK$430 for 2 (HK$215 per person) and we think that this restaurant fleeced us.

o Overall: 5
o Food/Beverage: 6.6
o Ambience/Setting: 6.1
o Value: 0.2
o Service: 7.2

We were lured by the fish tanks to the first location we came to at 87-93 Man Nin, Sai Kung. It was hot outside so we went in and were seated upstairs. It was noisy, the air conditioning was too cold and we couldn’t understand how the menu worked. There were descriptions of dishes but without prices. The server who spoke English was too busy to help. Sometimes, in other restaurants, we choose from the dishes other tables are having. But the other diners were finished or having dim sum so the dishes weren’t interesting to us. We wanted to have shell fish. So, we left.

We walked along the sea front and saw another branch of Chuen Kee where 2 women were sitting outside having 2 interesting-looking shell fish dishes. We decided to eat the same things that they were having and to sit outside too. We didn’t ask the prices. We were brought peanuts and tea. One dish was bamboo clams in a chili sauce that was quite tasty. The bamboo clams were tender and sweet. The second shell fish dish was large crayfish or large shrimp-like things that were deep-fried with chilies. There wasn’t much meat and eating them was difficult because the meat was stuck to the shell and you almost had the eat the shell to get at the meat. The vegetable dish that we ordered from the menu cost HK$58 and was very good. It was bamboo pith stuffed with mushroom pieces and accompanied by asparagus. The sauce was nice and the dish was unusual and well-prepared.
We were brought watermelon for dessert. The service was good although one server “hovered” too much and talked to us too much. (She was practicing her English.) It was nice to sit outside but it was too hot, even with the fans pointed to us.
We were shocked when we got the bill; it was HK$430 (about as high as we have spent on any meal in HK). Each of the shell fish dishes had a price for the item and a price to cook the item. No wonder the menu had no prices by the description of the dish. The dish and its contents are priced separately. The back of the menu had a chart for the dish and the number of persons and the price presumably could be calculated by knowing choosing the shell fish, getting a price and multiplying by the amount shown in the chart in the back of the menu for the number of people. This is way too complicated (particularly for non-Cantonese speakers) and designed to snag the unwary. We would not go back and not recommend this restaurant.
24.2. Sauce, 9 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung, H.K., Tel: 2791-2348. We spent HK$230 and had a lovely non-Asian lunch sitting outside with our friend.

25. Lamma Island, Hong Kong

25.1. Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, 1A-1B, 23-25 First St., Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, H.K., Tel 2982-8100, e-mail:, web: and web: . We had a perfect lunch at this restaurant at the water’s edge after our hike on Lamma Island. We spent HK$433 for 3 people and had a feast. We had one order of Spicy prawns (HK$100), one order of Fried clams with black bean (HK$60), one order of Spicy sea snails (HK$150), one order of Fried e-Fu Noodles(HK$60) and tea (HK$24). A great restaurant.

Have a look at the photo we took of all the dishes we ordered on our blog post:

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