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Overheard on the Boards and the Chow Digest


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Site Feedback 24

Overheard on the Boards and the Chow Digest

rworange | Jan 8, 2010 08:07 AM

First of all I LOVE the extra tips on "Overheard on the Boards". What's not to like about three more cherry-picked tips.

What would be a help is adding a restaurant name if any. For example, from the recent Boston Digest

“It was a beautiful tuna moment. Lots of fun people in line and lots of laughing and joking behind the lines. A true celebration of the sea.” – gyppielou about New Deal Restaurant

Zagat has a similar feature called "Outtake of the Week". While they are amusing, I suspect they have a professional writer making these up. They don't credit the poster and I've done searches on Zagat and never found those quotes.

Which brings me to a slight nit ... actually a jarring nit to me ... about the Chow Overheard.

Occasionally they are not about finding good food. Sometimes they are just pithy writing. It is jarring to me because Chowhound is about finding good food.

As to the Chow Digest, I've, uh, "mentioned", this before, but it was during the holidays. A lot of the Chow staff was gone. The holidays are over and I'd really like an answer on this.

Why are two of the Digest articles changed to links? What was the reasoning for this?

It is terrible for all sorts of reasons. When I opened the Home Digest this morning, instead of an enjoyable quick read, my heart fell to see I'd have to click on five links. to read those articles.

The problem with this

1. People rarely follow links. I know from years of posting. I didn't botther with the five links
2. The site is slow. Following those links is a relatively major time commitment for me.
3. The site remains buggy. some of the Chow Digest links don't work. Some of the Chow Digest articles are assigned the wrong category. There are other problems
4. Search still is buggy on Chow. I use my mail accout to search for Digest info I want.
5. If Chow goes belly up, decides to change format, drops the digest, etc, etc ... that info is gone. I still have my old Chow News in my mail folders. When I'm traveling to LA, I still use some of that info though the links no longer work. I have the full text.

If the reason for the change was that there was a feeling the email digest was too ... wordy ... how about this.

Put all the titles with links at the top of the digest, follow by Overheard, followed by the FULL digest article.

Then those who like short and pithy can scan the top of the digest and those of us that like to see the whole article can read the whole email.

Quite frankly, the site is so slow that not only have I given up on other boards, it has been three months since I've even kept up with the San Francisco board. I have 25 pages with unread posts. The Digest was my one last enjoyable pleasrure that I could quickly acess through email.

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