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applehome | Jun 12, 2003 10:52 PM

There's a good article in the new Scientific American about overfishing. The URL below points to a "Seafood Wallet Card" they referenced from the Audubon Society. It lists fish in green (abundant), yellow (some concerns about a species' status, fishing methods, and/or management), and red (severe depletion, overfishing, or poor management).

I was surprised that natural Pacific salmon is green while farmed Atlantic salmon is red. Each pound of farmed salmon can take three pounds in fish meal to produce - salmon farms consume more fish than they produce. This isnt true of all farmed fish, generally only the carnivores - Tilapia, for example, is green.

Fish I'm going to have to give up if I'm going to be seriously committed to global restoration of Earth's fish population: Monkfish, Snappers, Atlantic cods flounders and soles, Shrimp(!). Well... maybe I'll just cut down - like Ankimo only once a month...


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