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Overcharging deliberate or inadvertent?


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Overcharging deliberate or inadvertent?

HDinCentralME | Aug 12, 2006 05:04 PM

I have frequented a relatively new (6 months) restaurant a few times for lunch. The food is very good. It is in a touristy area but geared to locals/regulars.

Last week my check for my lunch entree was $2 more than the menu stated. I brought this to the server's attention and (although it took a while) I was brought a new check w/ corrected total. (This check noted the entree as "open item" rather than specific.)

I had assumed this was inadvertent and that the computer would be input with correct price.

Yesterday the same thing happened on the same item. The server brought a new, corrected check promptly. The new check had the specific item noted with the corrected price.

I, of course, wonder now if this is being done deliberately with the assumption that most people won't notice.

At what point should I talk to the manager about my concern? Is it my responsibility to monitor this? If yes, that certainly will diminish the pleasure of eating their food.

What say you all? Thanks.

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