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Oven temp is all over the place???


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Oven temp is all over the place???

caliking | Sep 13, 2010 11:40 PM

Hello all.

Was wondering if anyone has a solution to this:

We moved into a new house - with an electric oven, about 7yrs old. We have had gas ovens until now and the temps seemed to be fairly stable, but now this electric oven runs high and low. I ran a little test with a thermometer inside the oven the other day. Set the oven to 170 and watched what happened.

The temos ran from 150-200. This is a problem. Wife baked an awesome chocolate cheese cake the other day (first use of oven in new house) and the top looked less than aesthetically pleasing - it tasted great though. The top looked like it did probably becasue the oven got too hot at times.

Short of buying a new oven, does anyone have any tips on how to counteract this fluctuation in temp?

Thanks in advance!

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