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Oven calibration?

pine time | Jan 16, 201212:50 PM

My KitchenAid wall oven is 4 years old and has a digital temperature display. If I set it to 400, for example, it's quite slow to reach that temp (bell rings when it's ready). I put in the food. Maybe 15 min. later, just to check the oven temp, I'll quickly turn off the oven then back on, and now the digital read-out says "350." I'll again re-set for 400, and it'll crank back up and ding at 400. Can do the "test" offing several times over the course of, say, roasting meat, and the temp variations range from 25-50 degrees from what I set the temp at. Is that kind of swing ever normal? Since I don't trust that the intervening digital display is correct, bought a cheap hang-in-the-oven-thermometer, and it's somewhere between the (set) 400 and the offending 350-ish. Ideas? (On quick cooking items like cookies and cakes, suggested baking times are on track. Longer cooking items do take maybe an extra 15-20 minutes.)

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