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saffrongold | Sep 21, 201908:08 AM     15

Hi, on this trip I have plans to try some new, lauded places and return to a couple of favorites. And I have some blanks to fill. We are staying in Irish Channel/Uptown area and nothing is set in roux.

We touch down Monday night and have reservations at Coquette, which is near where we are staying and a first-time experience.

Tuesday thinking of late breakfast at Surreys, we love the shrimp and grits. Is one location different than the other? We have only been to 1418 Magazine. I am leaning toward the uptown Surrey so I can check out Crescent City Farmers Mkt at the same time. Dinner will be at Compere Lapin. Very excited about that.

Wednesday is vague and I could use a couple of pointers for lunch. We will be going to the Odgen Museum and the Old Mint and Jazz Museum and later The Circle Bar. Thinking of going to Marji's for dinner, which we did last time and enjoyed but I could be swayed. Will probably hit up Pascale Manale's Oyster Happy Hour, too.

Thursday will be lunch at Saba. I like Shaya and want to see what's what here. Dinner it will be back to Pascale Manales for Oysters and BBQ shrimp (first time for those).

Friday we might go on Steamboat Natchez so good lunch idea not too far flung from there is where we need help. Going to Blues Burlesque at All Ways later and after that to Buffas. What is good to order there?

I like what I hear about Piece of Meat but it does not seem close to other things we are doing. Is it worth a detour?

On our final day we will go to High Hat Cafe for lunch. There menu is right up my alley and an agony of choices.

We did have a reservation at Bistro Daisy but I cancelled it because I won't have dressy enough clothes with me.

Thank you in advance.

Surrey's Café & Juice Bar
Compère Lapin
Circle Bar
Marjie's Grill
Pascal's Manale
Piece Of Meat
The High Hat Cafe
Bistro Daisy
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