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Organic vs. Non-Organic Milk from the same plant


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Organic vs. Non-Organic Milk from the same plant

thursday | Jul 17, 2012 11:56 PM

Someone on another thread posted a link to so I looked mine up. We switched to organic milk when my son was born and when I read more about the gunk that can get by in conventional, so we use organic whole for him and organic skim for us, but we're on a very tight budget, so we generally buy conventional half-n-half for the cut corners where you can. *wink*

But it turns out that all 3 come from the same plant! The only difference when I go to the farm's website seems to be that they make sure the organic cows get organic feed. Now, since it's certified organic, they also can't give preventative antibiotics, and from the tricky wording on their FAQ it looks like maybe they do give those to the conventional, but I can't be sure. They just say "all of our tankers and tested for traces of steroids and antibiotics before they leave the plant" - which implies to me they must be giving them if they're testing for residue, though they don't use rSBT.

End question being: do you think there's a vast enough difference between organic and non-organic milk if it's all coming from the same plant, or are we just talking a few "organic certified" bushels of hay difference that doesn't warrant the extra $2-3 a gallon we're spending every shopping trip? If I'm not avoiding the bad stuff, I'll save the money, thank you very much, or at least find a better supplier.

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