Cookware 26

Optimum handles design

Bluecroc | Feb 15, 2017 03:21 AM

I was at an upscale department store in Berlin yesterday and had more than a look at their handsome Cookware department only to feel puzzled at the multitude of different handle design for upscale cookware. There seems not to be consensus on not only on what is the optimum angle at which the handle is vs the pan lid, but also on length vs diameter and - most importantly - on the attachment point.

My physics studies are sadly too remote to have a decisive answer to what are the optimum angle, attachment point and length/diameter but I am sure you have more elements than me. As for me, I though that a bit of angle is good for perceived weight and sauteing. I also thought that the attachment point should be close to the barycenter.... So am I deceiving myself with multiple placebo when I experiment with different handles and I grow more confident of my incertitudes?

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