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Your opinion sought: store bought broth/stock

NYChristopher | Aug 28, 200908:21 AM

I have learned to make my own broths and stocks, though I think little enough of them that when I am making soup, I use someone else's.

(I use my own for dishes like my favorite French lentil dish where the broth gets absorbed into the dish and flavors it, rather than stands alone as the base of the dish as in soup.)

More often than not, I have relied on Trader Joe's ($2.00/qt) but recently I came across Whole Foods 365 brand broths also at $2/qt.

I'm not sure, but I think I prefer the Trader Joe versions. What say you all? Do you like either of these or is there another brand I should turn my eyes to?

BONUS QUESTION: And because I am looking at a coupon for it (two 14 oz. cans for a buck) has anyone used Swanson's canned chicken broth ... and liked it? I have actually never used it, but find myself thinking it is more akin to a salt lick than what I would want to use as broth in a soup. Please bust my chops if I'm mistaken, I'd love to save some money.

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