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Help: Onions tasting of soap that ruin my dish!

tarteaucitron | Jul 20, 201006:29 AM

Yesterday was the second time in recent memory where I made a dish consisting of onions, only to find out when eating that the onions tasted of soap. I tried finishing the rest of it while avoiding the offending onions, but of course the enjoyment is greatly compromised. What was to be a nice dish of pork chops, onions and tomatoes became something with a disgust factor.

I recall that the other time was a bag of organic red onions, and I attributed that to faulty handling/storage because it might be an item that does not have a high turnover. However, this time around, it was just a bag of yellow onions, and from another continent (Europe) too.

Anyone have had such experience or can offer an explanation? It is annoying because, unlike other ingredients, I could not possibly have tasted them before adding them into the dish. The onions still stung my eyes like normal onions when I cut them.

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