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There Can Be Only One:Your Single Favorite Taco In Austin.


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There Can Be Only One:Your Single Favorite Taco In Austin.

scrumptiouschef | Jul 29, 2008 11:48 PM

There Can Be Only One:Your Single Favorite Taco In Austin.

I eat alot of Tacos.I eat them from Taco Carts,I eat them in Taquerias,I eat them at my house,I eat them in grocery stores,I eat them wherever I can get them.

A taco I had earlier today at Mi Ranchito was so amazingly good that it set me to thinking:What is your single most favorite taco in Austin?

Had you asked me that around 2pm today I would have unhesitatingly said "Mi Ranchito's Chorizo,Frijoles and Queso".

I've loved this tiny little shop for awhile now.It's on East William Cannon a few blocks east of I-35 on the south side of the street.It shares it's space with a well stocked quick mart and seats about 20 people.

The nomenclature here is a bit different than is typico.You'll find Gringas,Panbazos and Sincronizadas for instance.

Everything I've sampled has been flatout delicious but the Chorizo here is otherwordly.As I've said before the first time I sampled it I wanted to drive over to El Meson and just start brawling with their cook,we'd start in the kitchen and then finish the dustup in the parking lot.Fueled by Mi Ranchito I'd be up on charges and wondering where my next taco is coming from but it'd be worth it.

The tortillas are not homemade.I know,laziness keeps them from statewide fame but they somehow have found a commercial source that's decent at least.My taco today comes out and she's good looking.Straddling two,griddled,non oiled corn tortillas the Chorizo has been sauteed til crispy and then used as a garnish on some good Refried Beans...she's then been garnished with some Monterrey Jack cheese which I then garnished with a cold preparation of Sweet Onions pickled with Mexican Oregano and Habaneros.Further garnishment includes fresh squeezed Lime Juice and two types of Salsa Verde:a loose Tomatillo based one as well as a creamy Poblano.Both salsas are good but it's the Chorizo,THE CHORIZO,that takes it to the next level.It's rich and smoky and salty and it sits just right on your palate.It's filled with porky goodness but it's not fatty.

This is the Chorizo that I've always sought but rarely found.Although I did once eat an entire pound of it in customs when they caught me smuggling some back into the States.The agent said it's gotta go in the trash so I walked over to the trash can and started this unholy wolfing down of the meat.He watched and could tell he was just a guy doing his job and probably wished he was giving a pound of Chorizo the ol business.

So let's get the discussion started.Please tell me your favorite taco[only one]in Austin and of course why.One sentence responders can scoot on over to another post I need some meaningful input.

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