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Omlete Lab Experiment #2: Omlete "Oscar" (Photos)


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Omlete Lab Experiment #2: Omlete "Oscar" (Photos)

Chino Wayne | Mar 6, 2006 12:28 AM

Omlete "Oscar"

2-1/2 cups Eggbeaters
2 ounces thin sliced provolone cheese
2-1/2 ouncse paper thin sliced smoked ham
8 Medium asparagus (diameter of stalks should be no more than 3/8 inch)
Olive oil

Trim the asparagus so that they are approximately 6 inches long, cutting off the tough root ends. Note, use very young asapagraus if possible, do not use asparagus that have stalks with a diameter of more than 3/8 as the bigger asparagus stalks will be very "woody" and inedible. Heat a small amount of water in a sauce pan until it boils, add some salt and the asparagus, cover the pan and simmer the asaparagus for one minute. Remove the pan from the stove after one minute and drain out the water, remove the asparagus and put aside. (Note, the asparagus could be prepared well in advance, if you are not going to use them immediately, after removing them from the pan plunge them in to a bowl of ice water to stop all cooking, this will also help them retain their color; they can then be bagged and refrigerated.)

If the asparagus are going to be used immediately, leave them in the sautee pan and heat the pan over a medium flame, any residual water will evaporate, after the water is evaporated sprary olive oil on the asaparagus in the pan. Sautee the asparagus, tossing occasionally until they begin to carmelize, then remove from the pan. Spray enough olive oil in the pan to completely coat the inside of the pan, then sautee the ham slices for about 30 seconds, just long enough to heat them, then remove the ham from the pan. Add another coating of olive oil then add the Eggbeaters and cook until they are almost set all the way through, then place the pan under a broiler for one minute to set the top surface of the Eggbeaters.

Put the pan back on the stove over a low to medium flame, layer on the ham, covering the entire omlete, then layer on the cheese, also covering the entire omlete, then layer on six of the asparagus spears on one side of the omlete only, alternating the tops and bottoms of the stalks. With a spatula carefully loosen the entire underside of the omlete, then carefuly fold over the side of the omlete that only has ham and cheese on to the side of the omlete that has the ham, cheese and asparagus spears. Slide out of the pan on to a plate and garnish with two asparagus spears.

You can gussy this baby up by alternating steamed crab legs with the asaparagus spears, and add caviar to the garnish.

Salt and pepper to taste, you will need a knife to eat this omlete as the asparagus spears will still have a slight crunch to them. The total calories in this dish are approximately 650, and it is a fairly large omlete, that will fill a 10 inch sautee pan. The total amount of calories can be reduced if low or non-fat cheese is used. This dish is named Omlete "Oscar" because, like the classic dish Veal Oscar it has asparagus in it, it is also in homage to that famous American purveyor of processed pork, Oscar Meyer, and it is an homage to Oscar Madison, a guy after my own heart, a guy who could enjoy life, and not worry about the mess he leaves behind.

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