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kc girl | Mar 26, 2003 05:22 PM

I let Keith loose in the grocery store the other day (after he didn't even want to go) and, after quite some time, he appeared with a few surprises. (He then said, "Don't let a hungry man loose in a grocery store!)

Anyway, one surprise was that our Albertson's Market put in an olive deli bar. ('Twas news to me.) He got aged black olives in olive oil with spices, pitted Calamata olives, San Martino Italian garlic mushrooms and pitted Italian Anglio Olives with minced garlic.

He often does the here's-the-ingredients-make-something bit with me like the old "Ready, Set, Cook" show. So, today, I was studying what that olive bar had to offer. I was thining I could make tapanade with the aged black olives. Then, some nice gentleman was there and we got to talking.

He told me about Claro's Italian Market in Tustin and about many of their offerings, such as rosemary ham or fennel ham or a variety of sausages. I looked that up on the Internet. What a great day I had.


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