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"old" olive oil??


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"old" olive oil??

kseiverd | Jan 5, 2013 11:16 AM

LOVE extra v oilive oil. Something I NEVER had growing up. One of those things that once you've discovered them, ya GOTTA have. Always have it in pantry... cool dark place. Any time I find it at a great price, I'll buy a bottle.

So was down to last few glugs in bottle in kitchen. Went out and grabbed another bottle... was a BIT (a few years) beyond "best by" date. I try to arrange my stash of pantry stuff so newest is in back... apparently messed up here. Luckily it was not a BIG bottle. It isn't RANCID, but definitely doesn't have the fruity smell/flavor I expected... tastes/smells a little stale.

Put on your MAD SCIENTIST caps, please! I don't wanna just toss it, but don't wasnt to cook with it either. Any off-the-wall uses come to mind?? Seem to remember seeing/reading/hearing it's good ON your skin... when I turn out dough from a bowl with OO in it, will rub it on hands. Will it BURN... like in an oil lamp?? OK, maybe I need to go find the last marble I just lost!?!

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