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Ok....Seafood Market. Quite an experience


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Ok....Seafood Market. Quite an experience

tattud_gurl | Dec 9, 2005 02:23 PM

So we went cuz hubby wanted to try it.

We walk in and the place is EMPTY at 730 Thursday night. The decor leaves much to be desired. It's sort of a sparse Red Lobster look, but not really.
We sit at a bookth in the lounge and there were peanut shells all over the floor. Don't get me wrong..that's fine at the ballpark or a BAR, but not in a restaurant...even if it IS a lounge.
There was a single woman at the bar and another booth sat in the room. there was only one booth that was clean, so we sat there, right in front of the bar and waited to be aknowledged. And Waited. The bartender finally noticed there were new people in the room and came over. I just had a coke because I was trying to get rid of a migraine. Hubby, a beer. There were menus on the table when we sat down and while we waited to be acknowledged, we decided on the escargot and a half dozen raw oysters. While we waited for the appetizers, I noticed that the bartender was busy doing NOTHING, especially not cleaning off the filthy tables around us. Hmmmmmm.
I did see some other tables walk in and a hostess sat them in the main dining room and I saw another life form....a waitress.

Our appetizers arrived shortly after and the first thing I noticed was the presentation, or lack there of. The escargot was in an oval dish with mushrroms and garlic butter. the garnish was a long piece of Romaine lettuce. Not very pretty to say the least. I LOVE escargot, but wasn't too sure what to expect from these. I was worried about what I had gotten myself into, so I gathered up enough courage and bit into a snail. To my surprise, they were REALLY good. In fact, they were pretty damn good. Not rubbery at all and the garlic butter was yummy. I had to ask for bread, after flagging down my bartender. I also had to ask for another soda because apparently he couldn't see my empty glass on the edge of the table.
Hubby said the oysters were very fresh and not at all fishy smelling or tasting. Unfortunately I can't eat raw oysters anymore because I got violenty ill from some bad ones a few years ago. SHUCKS.

We decided to go unadventurous and I ordered the 12oz Ribeye with fries and veggies. It came with soup or salad, so I opted for the clam chowder. Hubby had snowcrab legs with seafood pasta salad and a garden salad with 'red italian' dressing.
The chowder and salad came out and our bartender/server didn't even attempt to clear the empty plates from our appetizers and bread.

The clam chowder again surprised me. Very good and creamy. Nice big pieces of clams and potatoes.
To my husbands awe, this 'red italian' dressing was wonderful. It was sort of like a really peppery red wine vinegar and oil combination, but very tasty.
We were in need of beverages and more bread, but finding our server was impossible. I could understand if he was busy, but there was noone else in the bar by this it's not like he was working.
FINALLY he showed up with our entrees. I think he got the hint to take the other dishes that had piled up in front of us, because I played the stack game....stacking everything in a nice little pyramid.
I can't remember the last time I had such crappy service. Oh yeah....he reeked of cigarette smoke. NICE.
So after ordering a couple more drinks, to avoid the parching we had to endure, looking for him, it was time to dig in.

Again, absolutely NO presentation. My steak just sat in a puddle of juice, soaking my fries and veggies.
The crableg plate had a small bowl with butter and a small bowl of seafood pasta salad.
The steak was surprisingly tasty. Grilled perfect and had a slight buttery taste to it. Fries are fries and steamed veggies are the same....nothing special.
The crab was fresh and not fishy, the pasta salad was unmentionable.

Wait, what do I see? HE'S BUSSING THE TABLES! Holy crap, he must have gotten bored smoking cigarettes.

After dinner we waited around some more for our bill.
It was $60.00 for 4 beers and the food.
I can't say that I'll be RUSHING back, but the food was pretty good....not wonderful, but pretty good. The snails were the best part. The service was the worst part. They need serious decorating help.

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