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Ohio: Great cheap breakfast in Bowling Green...Terrible expensive dinner in Perrysburg


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Ohio: Great cheap breakfast in Bowling Green...Terrible expensive dinner in Perrysburg

mchan02 | Nov 5, 2007 05:36 PM

I was in from San Francisco with low culinary expectations to visit my boyfriend in Bowling Green. Ann Arbor delivered food-wise...Ohio not so much. The highlight of my Ohio eating was the Corner Grill on North Main in Bowling Green. This is the epitome of a greasy spoon. For 3.99 apiece the bf and I chowed down on *perfectly* fried eggs over-easy, rye toast (already buttered!), and crispy golden delicious hashbrowns. They don't let your coffee cup get more than half empty. I kind of stopped ordering eggs over easy a while ago because a lot of places just don't cook them correctly. The Corner Grill knew the key...lots of butter!

We went with a friend to Stella's in downtown Perrysburg, after trying to go to Uptown Diner (closed). I really can't say anything good about this place. The atmosphere is weird- they're trying too hard to be really fancy and their food does not live up to the front they put on. We split two appetizers- Baked Brie and Mediterranean Veggie Dip. The Brie was barely warm was served with mediocre bread, sliced underripe honeydew, grapes, and some "fire roasted apples" which looked more like canned apricots.

The Veggie Dip was was a Spinach Artichoke Dip- heavy on the cream, light on the veggies. Its texture was pretty limp. It was served with pita that was very nondescript.

BF and I split the Gnocchi with Turkey. This was horrendous. From the moment the waiter set it on the table I could smell the preservatives. The gnocchi were clearly frozen, the turkey tasted like processed deli meat (i'm almost positive it was), and the pesto was probably from a jar. It didnt tasted like basil at all. The textures were all off. The only thing that tasted good were the red peppers, which we hunted and pecked at and left the rest. This dish made me think that the chef has never tasted the food that he/she serves.

Our friend had the beef tournedos, which he described as tasting like diner pot roast. He was pretty appalled by the preparation- I didn't taste it.

I don't mean to sound like such a hater, but this was truly one of the worst meals I've had in years. The bill was about $70, and we went home feeling gross and depressed about it.

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