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It's official, food causes cancer


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It's official, food causes cancer

muD | Apr 6, 2004 01:42 PM

This may have been posted before and I've missed it, but this article in the LA Times is great. Apparently, the act of cooking (applying heat to) carbs causes a chemical compound to form that has been identified as a carcinogen. Because of Prop 65 in California, the food has to be labeled as containing a cancer causing substance.

My warped sense of humor finds it hilarious that organic bread could be labeled as cancer causing. Perhaps if we made french fries in omega3 rich whale lard, the healthy heart would cancel the 'cancer'. Personally I am scared by the guy who got Prop 65 passed. He says, "companies will devise creative ways to clean up their products." Which is exactly what I am afraid of.

The link below is to the latimes article. I think you have to register to read it.


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