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Very odd Portuguese grilled chicken experience

wattacetti | Sep 30, 201108:19 AM

Tried a hole-in-wall Portuguese grill place which I won't name but will say that it's on Rosemont near St-Michel.

The place grills over charcoal using the same butterfly grills that you see at Romados and other joints; things are not cooked to order, but are at least finished with choice of sauces. There's a lot of smoke and the front door is open so I figure that their ventilator isn't working.

Big chalkboard with options. Chicken "plate" comes with quarter leg/breast or half-chicken, and is served with salad *and* fries *and* rice.

Decide to go with the quarter leg, and get a plate with salad and cold fries but no rice (provided on a separate plate when I asked what happened to the rice). The quarter leg, which I expect to be a maryland (thigh with attached drumstick) shows up on the plate as two wings (also cold).

I take a look around me and see that someone's quarter breast plate comes with what looks to be a wing, a back and a neck. I do spot a another quarter breast plate that has a drumstick.

Now I took (and passed) comparative biology and I routinely break down chickens myself, so I'm pretty certain that two wings should not be called a quarter leg. Portioning a quarter-chicken dinner is something that even Ikea gets right but I'm told that the two wings are indeed the quarter LEG plate that I ordered.

Anyway, I'm obviously not going to go back, but has anyone else ever had such an anatomical epic fail for local Portuguese chicken?

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