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Hank's Mexican Food - Nachos Revisited | Oct 12, 2005 04:15 PM

First off, I'm mad at you hounds. I wish you all would start eating healthy again, because all I've had for the past week is nachos, burgers and tacos. Since I can't get the dog to get off of the couch and do the grocery shopping, another day and I have another a crazy meal.

Can we get back to talking Pho and sushi or something?

I've been craving nachos since seeing photos on that darned thread, and I remembered Hank's in Costa Mesa. I was out running errands for business and personal stuff and just "had" to be near Baker and the 55.

I was on a mission for Hanks.

Got the nachos with pork (not asada). While they were very simple, low brow nachos (with real cheese), they were good. Refried beans, pulled pork (albeit a bit dry), cheddar, jalepenos, sour cream and guacamole on some decent chips. Man, they were good. The "hot" salsa was not hot, but tasty and had lots of roasted chili flavo. Good stuff.

Would I drive all of the way down there for these nachos? Negatory, pretty run of the mill, but still good.

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