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Obscure liqueur


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Obscure liqueur

zora | Sep 1, 2001 09:23 PM

I just returned from a week in a rented house in the Poconos, belonging to the family of a friend. We were invited to "help yourselves to whatever's here." Poking around in the kitchen, I found a bottle of a liqueur I'd never seen or heard of before: Lapponia brand Lakka, hjortron (cloudberry) liqueur made in Turku, Finland. It had a delicate fruit flavor, a bit like Cassis, but subtler and more complex. It got me to thinking about liqueurs I've seen in stores but never had an opportunity to taste (particularly, those which don't tell you what their dominant flavor is), and obscure ones that are only sold near where they are made. I wonder if other 'hounds would name and describe favorite liqueurs and obscure finds that one would be unlikely to spot at a local etohs 'r us. I've tasted many of the common ones like Chartreuse, the whiskey-based, anise-flavored, coffee and fruit liqueurs. One of my favorites is Tuaca, from Italy, which has vanilla-caramel notes.

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