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The Obnivore: A Cooperative Chowhound Game

Steve | Jan 17, 201408:11 AM

The Obnivore: A Cooperative Chowhound Game

I plan to open up a virtual restaurant called The Obnivore. It will be very expensive and feature food that is thoroughly obnoxious, but in a cunning way. When people eat here, they will not know what to think. Is it a joke or serious? The best food they’ve eaten…. or the worst?

Critics will be stymied. Their pens will run dry. Words will escape them. It will be completely astounding. Everyone will be speechless except to talk about the mystery of the restaurant.

But I am going to need your help, and this is where the game begins. I am having trouble coming up with a signature dish, the single dish that will define the restaurant for, hopefully, years to come. I am not looking for a name for this dish; I’ll name it later. I am looking for a recipe, written out with instructions in sentence form.

To compose this recipe, I am asking for your collective help. The recipe will be written cooperatively by any and all who want to participate.

There are only two rules:

1) You can only add to the recipe TWO WORDS AT A TIME including prepositions, articles, numbers, etc. Anything normally separated by a space is considered a word. You can add punctuation before, after, or in the middle of your two words. Example: 350 degrees are two words, but 350° is one word.

2) You can’t post twice in a row, but you can post more than once.

Two Housekeeping notes:

1) Always reply to this post. Simply click on the BIG BLUE REPLY button at the top of the thread. DO NOT REPLY to the other posts in this thread. Because of the way Chowhound posts ‘nest,’ everyone needs to stick to this method of reply or it will become too difficult to follow.

2) Please resist the temptation to ask questions or make other comments on this thread. My e-mail address is in my profile if you have a question.

Keep in mind the theme as stated above. The temptation will be to turn it into an obvious joke, but that is not the purpose. Let the first paragraph be your guide.

Just like the restaurant, I have no idea if this game will be a success or failure, but now I will leave it in your hands.

I will start off with the first two words, and then the rest is up to you:

“Preheat the…..

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