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NY Times Article on Beef


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NY Times Article on Beef

annab | Apr 1, 2002 08:49 AM

Did this past Sunday's NY Times Magazine article on the life of a beef steer change anybody's feelings about eating beef? I am a former vegetarian and occasional meat eater, and while I don't feel bad per se about slaughtering animals (I even killed some chickens when I was doing relief work in Central America) I was deeply disturbed by the article, and may seriously consider not eating beef anymore at all. (Though I'm not sure I really need to- I only eat it once a month or less). Aside from the vast environmental impact, and the potential public health crisis in the proliferation of antibiotics, I think I was most disturbed by the use of estrogen in the cattle. As someone who has lost many family members and friends to estrogen-related breast and ovarian cancers, I was horrified to realize that everytime we eat beef we are consuming uncontrolled amounts of synthetic estrogen.

What did other people think? How do we chowhounds balance our gustatory love of all good food, with a need to be responsible for our land, public health, and own bodies?

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