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NY pizza in toaster oven?

Sirrith | Nov 27, 201312:56 AM

I'm wondering if its possible to make a good pizza (new york style) in a small toaster oven (the tiny kind with heating rods on the top and bottom). I've tried before and gotten the typical 15-20 minute hard, cracker-like crust from a combi microwave oven that only heated from the top. But now I'm thinking what if I put a small pizza stone or a small slab of steel in there? Most toaster ovens say they go up to around 250C/480F, which is slightly higher than what my big home oven does, which should theoretically give me pretty decent 7-8 minute pies.

Has anyone tried this before? Ordering one of those stones or a steel would be quite expensive for me as I'd have to ship it overseas (impossible to find such small ones where I live) so ideally I'd like to see if anyone has any experience with this before taking the plunge.

All the reviews I see of those "mini" stones on amazon and the like don't give me the information I am looking for.


P.S. in case anyone is wondering why I want to do this when I already have a big oven, its because my girlfriend's house does not have a big oven and I'd like to be able to make pizza over there too.

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