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NY Eats for visiting chowhound (from LA) (a little long)


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NY Eats for visiting chowhound (from LA) (a little long)

kevin | Nov 27, 2005 05:49 PM

I haven't lurked on these boards for over a few years now, i remember there were a regular crew of hounds including dave (the hound that initally rec'd LoS in Vegas) and other hounds, eric, and a few other dedicated ny hounds. Anyways, I'll be visiting before the beginning of new year, a week or two before. And wanted to know any new recs, I'm going to posted some places i want to try that i've heard of in the past, but don't know if they're still good and all. Please excuse me if a couple where inteneded for the outer boroughs board since not sure of exact locations. I'm primarily after good food for my 4-5 day visit, and want to hit up as many as possible but will travel from east harlem to coney island to astoria, queens for deliciousness.


Jewel Bako - still supposed to be good? or overpriced garbage?
Sugiyama - still in existence and worth a try?
Masa - any new opinions on the 350$ sushi,etc. meal here?
Sushi by gari or of gari - worth a visit, and which location since i've heard that two new locations opened up within the last couple years.
Sushi Seki - what's the consensus?

Soul Food/Cajun/Creole/Southern:

Charle's Southern Style on Fred Douglas Blvd. - still good? and do they still have the takeout stand for freshly prepared fried chicken? I'm definitely sure i don't want the buffet nor do I have the time to linger in the buffet for a couple hours. The takeout operation sounds best, since that way can grab a couple pieces of chicken and off to the next subway stop.
Gumbo Shop or Shack, i think located on columbus ave. - any word on this place, still around ( think it opened a good 3 or 4 years ago)
Miss Spoonbread - any good?
Any new cajun or creole places that are worth a visit?


What's good in general? on this type of food, don't care to try Jean-Georges nor Daniel, is Payard Patisserie and Bistro, still around?
Perry St (by jg) - just opened i heard, is it, any good?
Le Bernadin?


I don't care to try Il Mulino again (tried the Las Vegas version and was sorely disappointed).
What about Babbo? still good, and have the beef cheek ravioli and stuff of that nature on the menu, or has it's glorey days already passed?
Lupa or Otto?
any other really good joints?


I know this a subject of much discussion and fist fights.
But what about Lombardi, heard from an LA hound that it is unbelievably good NY style pizza? I usu. only have cheese pizza so will it be very good here. Also, do they serve by the slice or am I better off just ordering a whole pie.
The Di Fara's Manhattan location - what are your thoughts or should I just go to the orignal on Ave J in Brooklyn.
Patsy's Grimaldi - What's the deal, just a crappy tourist place or good?
Patsy's in East Harlem (this is supposed to be the orgiingal location, right?0 - how's the pizza here, worth the trek? and what's the procedure since I hears there's a separate takeout section, then a separeate sit-down restaurant and usually it looks closed? What's the deal?
Una Pizza Naploetena- any good, heard the owner/chef is trying to procure the best of ingrediencts for his tiny joint, and when the dough runs out it's closed or something like that?


I mean from LA so the burgers are pretty good here, but does anyone really rec any New York burgers (I'm not really after the dB burger which I've already had in Vegas and thought was beyond pure whether for a burger or a even a rather different foodstuff altogether). Just regular though very good burgers/
Burger Joint in Le Park Meridien hotel - worth it? also, should I visited Norma's for their weird breakfast spread of stuff like foie gras brioche french toast and stuff like that or is it merely a waist of time and waistline and money that could be well spent, elswhere?

Hot Dogs:

Gray's Papaya or Papaya King or whichever happens to be in the neighborhood I'm visiting at the time? Also, which is the one with the recession special?
Nathan's in Coney Island - should I try the dogs with natureal casing at this location and only this location?
Any other good dogs in the city?


2nd Ave Deli or Katz's (just as a note I've tried Lange'r Deli in LA for the hand-slice pastrami on rye, many times, and felt it is very good) - at these places how do I get the best pastrami - should I specify less lean and hand sliced or what?
any other deli's in NY that are good - Carengeie Deli or Ben's Best in Rego Park.


kabab cafe or mombar - what do you guys think any good? I've heard a lot about kabab cafe in the past, also where's it's located?
any other's?


what's good on the current scene? have heard of mark joseph, sparks, ben's, wolfgang's, peter luger's, morton's, ruth's chris, etc.? what's good if only good choose one? I've tried Luger's once a few years back.


Soup Kitchen International - has al yegeneh's namesake flagship store reponed again? worth a try? and has anyone actually tried it in the past few months?

any really good gourmet takeout joint?

Oh, almost forgot ribs? Classic southerern or texan beef ribs and brisket anywhere? If nowhere's good, i'll pass on this one.

a platter of belgian fries cooked in duck fat or beef suet and a couple great beers on tap? where?

Shopsin's- been once before, right before, maybe a few months they moved to another location back in 2002, worth a try if in the neighborhood? for some reason i ended up with a turkey sandwich or something one of the most boring items on the menu whereas i've heard the soups are where they're at? what are your thoughts?

Pearl Oyster Bar - still good, also, really enjoyed this place on my last trip in these parts. exceptional lobster rolls, fried oyster (had to order a second round of these i remember), and callebaut choc mousse? still up to par? or is there somewhere else i should try? heard a new place opened called mary's fish camp a couple years back along with a list of others. also, heard there was a bar where they served seafood shack food in the back, is this any good? and does anyone have a clue about what i'm talking about?

Pearson's Texas BBQ? Still around? Good? Never really got a shot at trying it?

oh, shit, almost forgot, any thing good in the new gentrified Lower East Side? I've heard of Shiller's liq bar and wd-50 and fresh, and 71 clinton fresh food.

anyways, thanks for all your help. i plan on hitting up at least 12 or so meals along with various snacks from one-trick pony's throughout the day?

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