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Other than Nutella, do you have a favorite, "go-to" Chocolate-Hazelnut spread?

ipsedixit | Jun 12, 201211:39 AM

I was under the (erroneous) belief that Nutella had cornered the market on Chocolate-Hazelnut spreads until I saw a shelf load of different brands at my local Big Lots.

Apparently Jif even makes a chocolate-hazelnut spread.

And there's one called "Landsberg" with cute chipmunks on the jar.

There's also a thing called "Nutkao" which purports to be an Italian version of Nutella, as well as one called "Loaker" and "Nocilla". If Marvel ever needed new villian names for Avengers 2, they can start with chocolate-hazelnut brand names, I suppose.

So, are you a rebel? Do you give Nutella the middle-finger and go indie? If so, which brand do you swear by?

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