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Noteworthy HEB/Central Market Products

sqwertz | Jun 8, 201408:50 AM     114

H-E-B seems to be adding a lot more H-E-B/CM-branded products so I think it's time for another one of these threads, I discovered a few new-to-me products (like the meatballs) from the last thread and many more since then.

Onion rolls from the in-house bakery. 6 for $2.25 or $2.50. They just started making these about 3 weeks ago and I hope they're a permanent item (I'm eating one right now with egg/cheese/bacon).

Jars of grilled asparagus, slightly pickled - $2.28/jar (IIRC). Ate a whole jar of these last night and somehow escaped the Asparagus Pee Syndrome this morning. They also have a smaller jar of "Pencil asparagus" for $.50/less but so far untried by me,.

Ready To Heat Tortillas. Lightly wet each side and cook in a hot pan about 45-60 seconds to a side until they puff up. They're the only flour tortillas I use at home anymore. They last forever in the fridge in the provided purple ziplock bag. Much better than the "Tortillaland" brand. Some HEB's carry these in the refrigerated cases, but most are in the bread aisle.

I despise grits. They are a culinary atrocity IMO. They are like a black hole - sucking the flavor out of anything you add to them or dress them with. HEB has almost conquered this phenomenon with their "True Grits - Fully Loaded", but they had to use 1070mg of salt (45% USRDA) to do it. Can't remember the price as I keep redeeming free checkout coupons.

Fully Cooked Carnitas. Break off a piece of this solidified, glutinous mass of shredded/chunked pork and fry in a pan with some chopped jalapeno, onions, spritz of water, and cotija cheese until lightly crispy and roll it up in a Ready to Heat tortilla (above) for a meaty, lardy log of lusciousness.

HEB branded gouda cheese. This is a new addition to their cheese lineup a few weeks ago. $2.48 for an 8oz brick or shredded in bags.

HEB Clam Tomato Cocktail. A Clamato clone. They've had this for a quite a while and I've drank probably 100 64oz bottles at $2.48/pop ($2 less than Clamato). I have a virgin bloody Cesar every other night - Habanero Tabasco + worcestershire + celery powder.

Maybe this was mentioned in another thread, but the HEB Spicy Charro Beans. Get some. $.96(?)/can. Light on the beans and heavy on the soupiness.

"Specialty Series" Carolina BBQ sauce (with the yellow foil top). Ignore all the others. I don't usually like sweetish BBQ sauces, but this one is a winner. $2/bottle.

HEB Premium Bacon, thick or regular in the red packages (not the HCF brand). This is high quality bacon not pumped full of water like the other name brands have taken to doing. Also comes thick sliced peppered. Not cheap.

HEB flavored tortilla chips (nacho, ranch, jalapeno). These were reformulated 6-8 months ago and are much better now - better texture and a tad heavier on the seasoning. (CM Hatch-flavored tortilla chips have also been reformulated to be thicker and less brittle, but now they kinda suck).

That's enough for now :-) I reserve the right to add to this list as the urge strikes. What are some of the other products I may be overlooking? So much food, so little time....<sigh>.


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