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Notes on Barbecue: Kreuz's, Clark's Outpost, and Western Kitchen


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Notes on Barbecue: Kreuz's, Clark's Outpost, and Western Kitchen

Carter B. | Jul 7, 2002 03:37 PM

I've made a couple of barbecue runs recently that I thought might be of note to this board.

I visited Kreuz's this past Friday and noticed a new item on the menu: pork ribs. They tasted pretty tender with a nice salt and pepper rub-- quite similar to the ribs in Luling actually. Not a bad new addition. The slices of brisket were a bit off, but the shoulder was solid and the sausage as always, tasty.

A couple weekends ago I felt up for a roadtrip, and I talked a friend into journeying up from Austin to Tioga (north of Fort Worth) to try the heralded Clark's Outpost. We arrived at noon on a Saturday which should be prime barbecue time at any place. I must say I was pretty disappointed in Clark's. We split a slab of ribs (baby back) and a plate of brisket. The place is a sit down restaurant which remeinded me of Joe Cotten's in Robstown. Unfortunately, the food reminded me of Joe Cotten's as well.

The ribs were the better of the two with a good black crust and somewhat tender. The brisket however, failed to live up to my expectations. I'd read it was smoked for 24+ hours. Well, either our taste buds weren't working that day or the smoke they are using has no flavor because the brisket barely had any smokey flavor. I hate judging a barbecue place on just one visit, but this is more than getting a piece of tough/dry brisket that can occur at the best of places. I walked the building afterwards and I didn't smell any smoke nor did I see any woodpiles--if you are smoking briskets for all the time, you should have cords and cords of wood. There was a large building next door so perhaps that's where the wood is stored. I know others on this board have eaten at Clark's so perhaps they can explain to me some of my questions.

On a final note, at times a place called Western Kitchen in Glen Rose has been recommended. I could find few references on the web for it and those that did used an outdated phone number, so I emailed the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce and they responded that they knew of no barbecue place of that name. It must have closed sometime in the past couple of years.

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