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Are nonstick pans better or just easier?


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Are nonstick pans better or just easier?

saucyknave | Feb 20, 2002 10:23 AM

How many experienced cooks find that using nonstick pots/pans is better/easier? This question assumes that you have good quality cookware - cast iron (including LC) or heavy bottom heavy copper, aluminum, stainless, etc. I agree that nonstick probably works better with pots/pans that are too thin for the job being done.

I'm interested in what foods and types of preparation professionals and experienced home cooks find nonstick a MUST for?

I generally prefer not to use them, even for eggs. And I worry about the stuff that wears off -- in my food? (Many years ago I had a large nonstick skillet that I used often til it began to wear off. After that, having children in the house, I gave nonstick up.)

It may be my imagination, but I think food generally cooks better nonstick - especially anything that benefits from caramelization. I find cooking isn't that much easier in nonstick, and as I'm into overnight pot/pan soaking, neither is cleanup.

I assume that those on fat restricted diets find it very useful. But even there, aren't the foods one prepares in them already probably somewhat fatty anyway? or just as easily made in any pan? And I find a well seasoned cast iron griddle works as well as nonstick for things like pancakes, pan seared meats, etc.

I confess, I do have a couple cheap nonsticks pans that I use mostly for making cocoa and oatmeal.

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