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Nightshades, soy, citrus allergies that manifest as skin rash

mkmccp | Apr 16, 201205:27 PM

WOW! First! I think this is an important board and I do hope to gain valuable information from others who may share some secrets on good substitutes or alternatives for foods that I cannot (should not is a better phrase as I do splurge) eat.

I notice that when I eat members of the nightshade family, my skin itches a few hours later. I do have severe eczema of the hands and feet, and thats where the itch/hotness occurs. My allergist confirmed the food allergy with testing but my dermatologist does not support a connection between skin issues and food intake.

If you do not know what the nightshades are, well they include: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes (not 100% sure on this one).

If you must avoid, either due to allergy or by choice, the nightshades, what do you use as alternatives to them?


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