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Nice dining experiences - Swan Oyster Depot, Dotties, Gary Danko's - Thanks! (very long)

Alice | Apr 29, 200302:39 PM     3

Hi all,
Just wanted to share - went up to SF (the city) this last weekend for an anniversary and it was perfect. =) Had some really good food thanks to this board. =) I'm not all that good at writing - so I will attempt to describe some of the food we ate.

Some memorable eats:
Ghiradelli - banana split - was yummy, got everything on the side, but it was fun to experience it. Also got a nice piece of chocolate for walking into the store - the carmelized almond one yummy. =)

Swan Oyster Depot- waited in line for probably 45 min outside around 2:30, nice to see a lot of regulars and that the people who work there seem to know everyone. very friendly. saw lots and lots of people get take out orders - someone carried out over $330 of seafood and not another person coming in, spent less than $40 to go. My bf and I sat at the counter and we had the combination cocktail - very fresh seafood - included rock shrimp, prawn, crab, different kinds of oysters, i can't remember if i am forgetting anything, the cocktail sauce was very good. bf had the kura.... oysters, they were very small with a very light delicate flavor. he enjoyed them a lot. for me, i like the meatier a lil more flavorful oysters so i prefered the olympian ones i think? the clam chowder was very good, a nice balance of potatoes and clams. Overall, yummy and worth the wait and cost $25 (including tip).

EOS - the decor was a bit trendy. we ordered 4 tapas - the mushroom dumplings, brussel sprouts, beef cubed things, and scallops, and rice, and a mango rice pudding. our first dish was the mushroom dumplings - they were so buttery and so good, they melted in your mouth - although the mushroom filling was a lil bit salty for me so i requested some rice, but it was sooo tasty and flavorful. the sauce was just wonderful. it whetted my pallette and we were so excited to see what was to come. but unfortunately from there, the dishes went dramatically downhill - the brussel sprouts were (well i'm not a big fan of brussel sprouts and they tasted so bitter), then the beef dish tasted like something you could make at home following a chinese recipe with the chinese bbq sauce you use for hot pot. then the scallops were kind of tough and not all that impressive or flavorful. the mango rice pudding was kind of just icky, big huge chunks of rice, and not as much mango flavor as we would have liked, although it did have some chunks of mango. so overall, for me, if i lived nearby, i would get the mushroom dumplings to go and eat it with a bowl of rice and that would make me very happy and save me about $100. =)

Dottie's True Blue Cafe - waited for an hour outside . . . when we got in, around 1:00, they ran out of the banana nut french toast and the scramble i wanted to order, so instead my bf had the regular french toast with some fruit (which was good), and i had a whiskey fennel sausage, mushroom, and spinach omelette with cornbread and breakfast potatoes (which did satisfy my breakfast craving). we also had a fruit smoothie (which tasted very very healthy, light light flavor) and my bf had apple juice which he thinks was freshly squeezed which was really good, and a chocolate muffin which was good but not all that impressive. overall a good reliable breakfast, large portions. =) would have liked to try our first choices on the specials board, but maybe next time! =)held us over til our 9pm dinner =)

Gary Danko - WOW - it was incredible. favorite restaurant. too bad i have to fly to go there hehe. we started off with a tiny cold asparagus soup with crab meat on top (on the chef)it was pleasant. i ordered the glazed oysters, the lobster with edamame and potatoes, and the beef medallion. my bf had the seared foie gras(omg) and the frog legs, and the loin of lamb. the glazed oysters were very nice, flavorful, the sauce was tasty, the caviar was good. makes your mouth happy. my bf's seared foie gras - wow wow. it was soo good. incredible. just tasted so wonderful with the sauce and everything. i can't describe it, it was just divine. his frog legs he thought were very tasty, i'd never really had frog legs so they tasted like chicken to me wrapped in bacon on top of capers or something that was salty. my lobster was very good, the sauce was delicious and creamy. although i got the claw meat part of the lobster which i don't like as much so that part wasn't as good. (not sure if it was due to dining at 9pm). my bf's lamb was juicy and the flavor was very nice although you could still tell it was lamb. it was very very nice. liked it a lot. the beef medallion risotto - absolutly incredible. it was soo good, everything blended so well together. it was just so tasty. can't describe this one either. this and the foie gras were just absolutly incredible. (the foie gras and filet at spagos in beverly hills is comparable - can't decide which i like better . . . )and to finish it off we had souffle which just melted in your mouth and filled your pallet with the the sweetest sense. it was just so nice. =) and when i called i told them it was our anniversary, and they gave us the lil cookie plate at the end and wrote happy anniversary. it was really really nice. the servers were all very attentive and great. the ambience was very nice, quiet and simple and romantic. they even gave us a lil banana walnut bread to take home for breakfast the next day. =)the whole evening was just perfect. =) and it wasn't that costly - it was very very worth it. $55-3 course, $66 for 4 courses or something like that.

japanese tea garden in golden gate park - the tea wasn't all that, but it was worth it for the environment alone. we walked around the whole garden, then sat down and had a pot of jasmine tea with some lil snacks and cookies. the total came to $6.40 for the both of us. when we sat down, my bf was like wouldn't it be nice if it were raining, and just like that, it started raining on cue. it was very romantic =)

we then stopped off at a lil japanese restaurant called hotei - the dragon roll was surprisingly good! yummy. and the nabeyaki udon was not bad, but anything really hot is tasty on a rainy day hehe.

so thats it for our food ventures. learned that you have to wait in line a lot but its worth the wait! =)we also got the 9? day citypass for $36 which included admission to 6 sights and unlimited riding on the muni buses and cable cars. (transportation is so convenient in sf).

thanks all for your help and sharing your food ideas =) can't wait to go back and try some more food! =) and if you read until down here - thanks for reading =)


Link: http://www.garydanko.com

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