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Need help navigating diner menu (LONG STORY WARNING)


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Need help navigating diner menu (LONG STORY WARNING)

Gastronomos | Mar 23, 2013 06:29 AM

I do not want to offend anybody who may disagree with me, or start a side discussion if I don't write eloquently enough or if I am wrong, which may be the case.

I am not celebrating Palm Sunday tomorrow, but family that is has invited us to a diner mid-late morning to have something to eat.

I know, by experience, that they expect, by the laws of power, everyone at the table follow their lead and order the same or similar dish. steak=steak, pasta=pasta, etc…

Regardless if I or you agree, I will do this. It’s family.

My dilemma comes when I know it's Sunday, a holiday and I know they will order omelets. It’s the “special treat” for them. :-)

Now, please bear with me. These Big Box “greek” ‘New Jersey’ diners that dot our landscape here on Long Island are not, in my opinion, what diners were, or supposed to be no matter how much stainless steal they put on their exteriors and neon and, and, and…

I am not a fan of any of the food. Navigating the 20 page menu of repeated food stuff and the lack of help from servers doesn’t help.

Back to the omelets. I don’t mind an omelet. I actually ‘like’ omelets once in a while.
The problem I face is I do not like eggs cooked to “well done”. I do not have a fear of salmonella or anything like that. Call me crazy.

I have, in the past, unsuccessfully requested “soft” when ordering an omelet. The person who told me to order it this way was not at the diner when I decided to order this omelet ‘soft’, or I would have had him eat the browned crusty outside and RAW inside of this “omelet”. When the server came over and asked if everything is OK, I said yes. He saw the plate was barely touched and the RAW interior of the omelet had run all over the plate.
He insisted on taking the plate back to the kitchen. I insisted I did not want anything else as a replacement and will gladly pay for what I ordered and I’ll just eat some toast that was on the table with the coffee.
The manager comes out apologizing and letting me know that the “CHEF” was insisting that his omelets are just fine! Then insisting to me that I ordered wrong and what I really wanted was an omelet just like the person across from me. Brown, dry, folded over at least four times and nothing like what I was expecting or tried to convey to the server.

They didn’t charge me for the omelet, we paid the rest of the check, left and I have been trying ever since to avoid as much as I can ordering omelets in these type of 'diners'. I do try other peoples food when I, reluctantly, go to these type of 'diners'. So I do try omelets of those at my table sometimes, just in case I’m wrong and I end up in these Big Box “greek’ diners sometimes despite my best efforts to avoid.

Someone recently told me that I should try when ordering an omelet in one of these places to ask, “please do not brown the eggs”. I am scared of a repeat of that RAW omelet and the crazy diner “CHEF”.

So, please help. How do I go about ordering a regular, not “well done” omelet in one of these generic, mediocre, Big Box “greek” diners without getting scorn from every level and I can sit and enjoy my family’s company?

Thank you in advance for you help and assistance. Your advice is greatly appreciated and valued as fellow Chowhounds!


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