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Inspired by the posting on the weekend buffet at Bhartmela we set out for a bite at 330 on Sunday. Unfortunately, they shut down the buffet at 230 and with it the Indian kitchen until 5. We could have had Chinese, but that was definitely not what we came out for and with all the choices in Naperville, why compromise?

Plus I had an agenda, and off to Indus Valley we went. My wife leans towards the vegetarian dishes in Indian food, and I had noticed when last visiting Indus that they seemed to have a large selection of vegetarian food. We arrived to find their buffet in full swing, with no less than 6 vegetarian dishes. Sorry, I do not know the names (should learn or read the menu better), but they were:
brown lentil
yellow lentil
peas and cheese
eggplant and potatos
cauliflower and dumplings
and one more, I forgot.
All pleasantly spicy as well, more spicy than when I last went at lunch. Standard meat dishes (one lamb, one chicken, and tandoori chicken on the table). Nothing special or terribly different, but an excellent selection of vegetarian dishes. They also have the most pleasant dining room, with Bollywood pix on 2 TVs, of all the places around. Warm and cozy on a cold, late Sunday. The wife was pleased I had pried her away from Cuisine of India.

Driving down Ogden, we noticed activity in Mayurt, which has been closed for a few weeks, so I popped in. They are not open, but were finishing up their work, and expected to open this week (I have not checked back). Looks like they are putting in a counter and cooler, and truly converting the place to the fast food previously promised.

I feel like I am living in some sort of golden age of Indian food in Naperville - not only are there all these places, but they all seem to be aware of the fact they need to upgrade their food and create their own niche. Places that were mediocre in the past, like Indian Harvest and Indus Valley, are doing much better.

Addresses posted previously, but I have not grabbed the link.


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