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mother in my vinegar


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mother in my vinegar

Agent Orange | Nov 27, 2007 08:45 PM

I purchased a bottle of lower-end champagne vinegar at a local Italian market a month or two ago. I used it once right away, and then it sat in the pantry until this week. I reached back into the dark depths of the small pantry to find a surprise floating in the glass bottle. It appeared to be an inch-thick layer of a semi-solid translucent substance. It looked very much like refrigerated animal fat. Now I know a little bit about vinegar production; I understand what the "mother of vinegar" does, that it's a body of bacteria, and that it is recycled for the next batch of vinegar. That's about all I know.

So, the most logical conclusion I can think of is that the substance in my champagne vinegar is a mother. Is it possible that a few bacteria wound up in my bottle and then their population took off when it met the darkness of my pantry? Or could this be some other parastitic population that I should be worried about? I *really* want to use some of that vinegar... and I'm kind of curious if I can use some of this "substance" to get started on my own homemade vinegar...

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